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Top 5 Best Selling Coffee Pods

Posted on 04. Apr, 2012 by in Articles, Product Reviews

If you haven’t come across coffee pods before, they are a quick and simple way of making consistently great coffee at home every time you brew. Each coffee pod is measured to deliver precisely the same amount of coffee every time and coupled with a pod coffee machine can guarantee excellent and delicious coffee for even the most amateur home coffee maker.

This post looks at five of the most popular coffee pods available today (fans of Senseo Pods will not be surprised at the top five!)


Senseo Dark Roast Coffee Pods

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The Senseo Dark Roast Coffee Pods deliver a smooth, creamy and rich flavour and it’s no wonder they are currently at the top of the list. They are less expensive than other brands of coffee pod but are arguably even more flavoursome, especially when run through a Senseo coffee machine.


Senseo Medium Roast Coffee Pods

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The next best selling coffee pods today are, unsurprisingly another Senseo coffee pod – this time it’s their medium roast offering. This is an uncomplicated coffee which is perfect for any time with its scrumptious cream layer.

These pods can be kept in the freezer once the bag is opened to keep them aromatic and fresh. People love the medium roast because it is not too overpowering making it ideal for those who prefer a more mild approach.

The Senseo Medium Roast Coffee Pods are a great option for someone starting out with this type of coffee.


Senseo Paris French Vanilla Coffee Pods

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Coming in at number three, you guessed it, is another in the line of popular Senseo Pods. These French Vanilla Coffee Pods offer a hint of caramel alongside a mild vanilla flavour and a creamy froth. Popular for its dessert-like taste and their slightly nutty note for coffee drinkers not looking for a massive caffeine hit first thing in the morning – ideal for a lovely afternoon drink!

So why not try these out next time you sit down for afternoon tea, or have a few moments to yourself to enjoy a sweet cup of coffee and a good book out on your porch?


Senseo Sumatra Blend Coffee Pods

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The fourth best selling coffee pods are the Sumatran blend pods, again from Senseo! This blend differs from the ones already mentioned above due to its bold intensity, which can be attributed to its blend of premium Sumatran arabica beans. Even through its rich, dark flavours it manages to stay smooth and not bitter, which undoubtedly is why it has risen to number four in the best sellers list.

This is the strongest blend in the top five, so coffee fans who like to kickstart their morning with a delicious strong hit of coffee should give the sumatra blend a go.


Senseo Decaffeinated Coffee Pods

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Rounding out the top 5 best selling coffee pods is yet another blend of Senseo pods. The decaffeinated option gives a smooth and full flavour without the buzz. Perfect for anyone who just doesn’t like to drink caffeine, or for anyone who wants to have a full flavour hit in the evening without worrying about getting to sleep!

This blend is comparable in taste to the Medium Roast pods at number two in our list.

Drink this coffee any time of the day or chill it and serve as a delicious iced coffee on a hot summers afternoon.


Where to buy Senseo Coffee Pods

Senseo seem to have cornered the market when it comes to coffee pods as they are dominating the top selling list on Amazon. This can be attributed to the combination of delicious flavour, ease of use and relatively cheap price. They are much more affordable than other brands of pod and ordering from Amazon is very convenient for everybody as they are getting much more difficult to find in your local stores.

Click here to browse the best selling Senseo coffee pods on Amazon 


And of course, if you are new to coffee pod coffee making, be sure to check out the Senseo 7810 Single-Serve Gourmet Coffee Machine for a great way to get started in brewing your new favourite coffees!


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