Our Favorite Coffee And Food Blogs For 2013

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Here at Coffee Lovers 101 we are addicted to everything coffee and you can often find us checking out some of the other top coffee and food blogs out there, so we decided to grab this list from our personal bookmarks to spread the word and introduce you to some of the websites that we regularly check out.

It is much too difficult to choose between some of these blogs to put them in order of which ones we recommend the most, so we’ve decided to list them in alphabetical order – so make sure you take the time to go through the whole list because every one is worth a click 🙂

We’ve split the list into two sections. First, our favorite coffee blogs, then secondly a much larger list of our favourite food blogs.

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Coffee Lovers 101

Our Favorite Coffee Blogs

Caffination – The Caffination Podcast is coming to an end but there are 6 years of back-catalogue to listen to if you are hearing about them for the first time here. This is definitely one to stick on your iPod for those long commutes!

Coffee Stork – Coffee Stork is a great blog set up to provide personal reviews of espresso beans that the author has tried and tested. With ratings and links to the independent roasters being tested, you will surely uncover some gems here.

Dear Coffee, I Love You – This is a great site which looks at promoting the highest quality coffees with a focus on design and creativity. They also sell original products such as t-shirts, mugs and hoodies which are well worth checking out.

Draw Coffee – Draw Coffee is a unique coffee blog and well worth visiting. The author/artist creates drawings specifically inspired by coffee, often interspersed with stories and tips.

Pure Coffee Blog – The Pure Coffee Blog is an amazing resource put together by just one blogger, Bill, who has created an extensive index of coffee shops around the US which he has personally visited and rated. Check out his interactive map page to see if he’s been to your local!

Putting Weird Things In Coffee – This is a very unique blog and the title needs no explanation! There are some great ideas and combinations, and then there are some not so great ideas – but they’re all tried, tested and written about over on Putting Weird Things In Coffee.

Shot Zombies – Shot Zombies is a coffee blog that features interesting or bizzare coffee related stories from around the world, a great read.

Sprudge – Sprudge is a satirical and parodical look at the world of coffee, with daily updates and stories to get you either laughing, thinking or talking!

The Coffee Adventures – The Coffee Adventures is one girls journey through the world of coffee. You’ll mostly find reviews and stories about the various coffees and beans that Jamie has been testing out but it’s all with a great personal touch and makes a nice read.


Our Favorite Food Blogs

80 Breakfasts – A collection of deliciously indulgent recipes and photographs that will get your taste buds tingling in no time.

Aggie’s Kitchen – Florida based blogger Aggie brings us her web site focused on cooking fresh, healthy food with an eye kept on simplicity. Some very delicious and interesting recipes – go take a look now.

Annie’s Eats – This delightful blog is written by self-taught cook and photographer Annie and features a host of delicious sweet and savory recipes

Cookie And Kate – In the words of Kate, the food obsessed cook behind Cookie And Kate “This blog is all about celebrating good food—real, sustainable food that delights the senses and nourishes the body” and this becomes abundantly clear as you make your way through her impressive back catalogue of recipes.

Cupcake Project – An entire blog dedicated to cupcakes – need we say more?

Eating Bird Food – A very personal food and general well-being blog from Brittany Mullins. Updated on a very regular basis with great stories, recipes and photos. You really get a sense that Brittany loves her blog which is one of the main reasons that we do too!

Eating Brooklyn – Eating Brooklyn is a food photography blog by Valery Rizzo and whether you’re from the area or not, you’ll find the story telling through the photography on this site to be a treat.

Edible Perspective – Edible Perspective began as a hobby for Ashley McLaughlin but her clear talent in both recipe development and creating mouthwatering photographs of her creations have made it one of the go-to food blogs for anyone looking to cook up a special treat.

Everybody Likes Sandwiches – Vancouver based food blogger Jeannette Ordas has been running ELS for over 7 years now and she prides herself on focusing on simple fresh food and her recipes are often retrospectively written after a creative cooking session – which leads to some interesting and surprising results.

Food On The Food – A lighthearted mixture of recipes and general chat about food with an emphasis on storytelling and healthy, local and natural cooking

Food Wishes – An excellent video recipe blog created by Chef John. Well designed and written recipes with a creative touch accompanied by high quality videos. Chef John will even turn your food wishes into a future recipe!

Girl Versus Dough – Stephanie is a self-taught baker and her blog, Girl Versus Dough is an amazing resource of recipes for you to get hands-on with and create some unique and delicious treats. The web site has a fresh feel and is updated with many new recipes and photos every month. Check it out.

Gluten Free Girl – Shauna’s passion for writing and for life is evident in every page of her food blog, which focuses mainly on gluten free recipes but is spilling over with personality and story telling. Highly recommended.

Golubka – Golubka is updated less frequently than many of the other blogs on our list but the recipes are always worth waiting for!

Good Things Grow – Good Things Grow is all about a simple approach to life and that is exactly what comes across in Jacqui’s (the owner) blog, a delightful collection of wholesome and heartwarming recipes

Healthy Kitchen Stories – One of the top vegetarian based food blogs out there, Healthy Kitchen Stories also has a recipe book being published in early 2013

Honey And Jam – Hanna Queen has been running Honey And Jam since 2008 and since then it has become one of the most visually appealing food and photography blogs that we know of. So whether it’s creative recipes or classic food photography you are interested in you will find something you like.

Indian Simmer – At the time of writing this post, the most recent recipe listed on Indian Simmer is “Cocoa Covered Pistachio Date Truffles”. Those words alone should have you clicking the link immediately!

Licking The Plate – A very nice food photography blog by New Yorker Photographer Melina Hammer. The site is an interesting insight into her world of food, photography and lifestyle. Definitely worth bookmarking.

Living Lou – This wonderful collection of recipes from Canadian food blogger Louisa Clements is one worth turning to when in need of some cooking inspiration. We are particularly fans of her delicious desserts and have baked her Chocolate Coffee Snow Caps a couple of times.

Lobster Squad – Not your average food blog – Lobster Squad not only has a bunch of great recipes but each one is accompanied by some quality artwork by the author. The archives go back over 6 years so there’s heaps for you to get stuck into.

Lottie And Doof – Tim Mazurek’s Lottie And Doof is not only packed with delicious recipes and mouthwatering photos, but also a unique commentary on the authors outlook on life.

Munchin With Munchkin – Food and cooking has been deeply ingrained into Christine’s world since she was young and combined with her natural creative persuasion this culminates in a refreshing and inspirational food blog. Updates have been a little slow lately but there’s a great archive of recipes to browse – check out the blog and I’m sure you’ll join me in saying “please come back Christine!”

Muy Bueno Cookbook – Muy Bueno is a very unique food blog written by three Texan born food lovers who use the site as their way of preserving the Mexican culinary heritage of their family. Updated regularly with recipes for meals, drinks and snacks with a Mexican edge – you really should take a look at this original and authentic food blog.

My Darling Lemon Thyme – Perth based ex-chef and gluten-intolerant food blogger Emma Galloway brings us her collection of original and adapted gluten-free recipes and tips on organic gardening. A great read.

My New Roots – A collection of unique recipes by renowned food writer Sarah Britton. The blog focuses not only on great food ideas but on the nutritional value of each meal with the aim of teaching people about their own healthy eating.

Not Without Salt – If the photographs on the Not Without Salt food blog don’t get your mouth watering the moment you set your eyes on them then the wonderfully written and described recipes sure will. Indulge yourself now and go check out one of our favourite recipe sites.

Pinch My Salt – Pinch My Salt is a great site packed with recipes that focus on showing us that it’s not as hard as we might think to become great cooks in our own kitchen. Delicious recipes and appetising photos all written by the blog owner, Nicole. Well worth bookmarking.

Seven Spoons – Seven Spoons is a really slick food blog with some amazing recipes and some really top-notch food photography by Canada-based food blogger Tara O’Brady.

Simply Scratch – Simply Scratch is a blog focusing on recipes where everything is made from scratch, and the food is much healthier and free from much of todays additives etc as a result. As well as recipes they also feature helpful cooking how-to’s too.

Spoon Fork Bacon – This is a well illustrated food blog with a penchant for being a little outside the square when it comes to recipe creation – and as you might have guessed from the title the authors are in love with bacon.

Sprinkle Bakes – How could we not include a blog with recipes and instructions for sweet treats such as the “Gingerbread Gnome Home”? Go see for yourself – you’ll be smiling before you hit the bottom of the page!

Sunday Suppers – Sunday Suppers is primarily a Brooklyn based class-cooking-dining experience where local chefs share their knowledge and experience but the blog also has heaps of tasty recipes and the photography is a real treat.

Teeny Tiny Kitchen – A unique blog about cooking in a small kitchen! It’s a really interesting read with some great recipes, stories and commentary on the writers cooking adventures.

The Bitten Word – We dare you to read off the list of recipes on this site without your mouth beginning to water!

The Nourishing Gourmet – The Nourishing Gourmet has a great selection of recipes categorised into many groups such as Gluten Free, Dairy Free, $10 mains, Baked, Desserts and more as well as many frugal tips and recipes for those looking to make the most of their budget. A great resource.

Vegalicious – A large collection of over 600 vegetarian recipes conveniently categorised by meal type or ingredient. Warning: you might lose a few hours browsing around this site as you get carried away reading all the delicious food ideas!

What’s For Lunch Honey? – Food is a passion for blogger Meeta and this is evident throughout her blog. Meeta is also running a food styling and photography workshop in London in early 2013

Yummy Supper – This collection of recipes from Erin D Scott highlights a simple approach to seasonal cooking. Beautifully put together and accompanied by photos that will get you in the mood, this blog is one well worth checking out.

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