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Home Coffee Maker Reviews

Let us help you choose your next coffee maker and check out some of our reviews. If you need a little more help figuring out what type of coffee machine you need, scroll down to How To Choose A Coffee Maker

How To Choose A Coffee Maker

There’s a lot to compare when trying to decide on what coffee maker you will eventually invest in and our reviews above should help you somewhat in making a decision on which make and model, but before you even get to that point you will need to know what type of coffee maker you really want.

The options range from the simple french press all the way up to a fully automatic espresso machine that even froths your milk! Here is a basic rundown of each of the main types of coffee maker and the differences between them.

The main ways of brewing a coffee are:

  • Steeping (e.g. French Press)
  • Gravity (e.g. Percolator or Drip Coffee Machine)
  • Pressure (e.g. Espresso Style)

French presses, drip coffee makers and percolators produce a full mug of coffee that can be drunk black or white with the addition of milk and they are primarily water based. In contrast, espresso machines produce a smaller, much more concentrated coffee drink which can either be drunk on its own (i.e. an espresso shot) or mixed with frothed milk (to make a Latte, Cappuccino etc.).

The first decision you need to make is which style of coffee do you prefer?

Secondly you will have to weigh this up against the inherent benefits and disadvantages of actually making each one of these types of coffee.

French Press Pros and Cons


  • Can start out very cheap
  • Takes up very little space
  • Low maintenance
  • Full control over your coffee


  • Can be inconsistent until you perfect your technique
  • Unfiltered substances can creep through (including cholesterol-increasing oils)
  • Not good for large groups

Percolator Pros And Cons


  • Easy
  • Robust flavour

  • Coffee is susceptible to over-extraction
  • Water is passed through the beans more than once during processing
  • Coffee can be bitter

Drip Coffee Pros And Cons


  • Most machines are programmable
  • Easy to use (one-button usually) and clean

  • Few machines can hold the water at a consistent temperature while brewing leading to poor taste

Espresso Pros And Cons


  • Make cafe style coffee at home
  • Many varieties of machine, from simple Pod or Capsule machines to fully featured automatic machines
  • Get the most flavour out of your coffee beans

  • Most expensive style of machine
  • Practice is needed to use non-auto machines
  • Can be messy to clean
  • Requires the extra step of frothing milk
  • Machines are usually very large

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