French Press Reviews – The Top 10 Most Popular French Press Coffee Makers

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The french press is a great way to make a tasty cup of coffee at home without spending a lot of money on an expensive automatic espresso machine. Many people start out on their coffee making journey with the french press and stay there for a long time due to it’s ease of use and flexibility in how you can fine tune your perfect cup, from using different beans to grinding beans differently and brewing for different amounts of time.

If this is the first time you are considering buying a french press, take a look at our french press reviews here where we have summarised the good and the bad about the top ten best selling french presses.

If you are short on time and want to get straight down to the 3 best french press coffee makers, then visit this link

Below is a quick list of our French Press Reviews

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How To Choose The Best French Press Coffee Maker

There are only a few technical things that you need to look at when reading through french press coffee maker reviews. These include:

Capacity: How much water does it hold? French presses range from making just a single cup all the way up to 8 cups. It’s always better to over-estimate how much coffee you will need to make.

Material: The majority of french presses have a glass beaker which hold the coffee, but some specialist types can be made from stainless steel and be insulated for keeping coffee warm for a much longer time. Most people will only have a use for the glass style.

The handle and beaker holder will usually either be stainless steel or plastic. This is mostly an aesthetic preference although stainless steel may last slightly longer and be less prone to breakage.

The filter on a french press will usually be made from nylon or metal which is a benefit over drip coffee makers which use paper filters. Metal filters will normally require a more coarse grind than nylon filters so keep this in mind when choosing your french press.


So there we have it. There’s not much to choosing the best french press coffee maker so now you know what to look for, scroll back up and check out some of our french press reviews of the best selling models on the market today.


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