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It is a great feeling to know that we, coffee lovers, are not alone in this world. In fact, about one fifth of the global population consumes at least a cup of coffee each day. It is thus not surprising that virtually every country has some sort of day or festival designated to celebrate this wonderful thing we love: coffee. In this article, we will introduce some of the hottest coffee related events happening this year, in 2013, in the USA. To make your browsing experience even better, we decided to give you a little help by arranging the events chronologically, so you have plenty of time to pack your suitcases and buy your tickets. These events are not something you’d want to miss!

Coffee Fest New York

Location: New York City, New York

Date: March 08-10, 2013


What better a place to kick of an exciting new year for coffee consumption than the bustling city of New York? Though the event is only two days long, it promises an agenda filled with exciting exhibitions, speeches, master classes and even competitions. Mingle with the cream of the best latte artists competing in the Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship Open. Sample delicious brews prepared by the finalists of the DaVinci Gourmet, America’s Best Coffeehouse Competition Eastern region finals. If you like your coffee strong, why not check out what America’s Best Espresso Competition will brew up and be sure to make a note of the barista who prepared the winning batch. All in all, expect a show matching the grandeur of New York City and plunge into the bustling crowd of fellow coffee lovers!

102nd National Coffee Association Convention

Location: San Francisco, California

Date: March 21-23, 2013


The National Coffee Association Convention will be hosted in the Californian city of San Francisco in the end of March this year. This is a pro convention, which requires you to register with the NCAUSA beforehand if you wish to attend. Please bear in mind that this event will mainly be concerned with trade experts sharing their ideas with each other through presentations and talks and there will be little chance if any to actually taste any coffee products. Nevertheless, if your interest in coffee runs deeper than consumerism, by all means try to attend! If you get bored, San Francisco offers numerous charming coffee houses on the steep hills or downtown where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city while sipping away on a good cup of Joe.

Coffee and Tea Festival 2013

Location: New York City, New York

Date: March 23-24, 2013


If you did decide to attend the San Francisco symposium, you may just make it on time back to the Big Apple for the annual Coffee and Tea Festival 2013, held on the penultimate weekend of March. The festival is specifically targeting the flocks of civilian coffee and tea lovers with a number of master classes where you can learn about the nit and grit of coffee brewing and even coffee tasting from some of the biggest names in the American coffee industry. How about a guided tasting session that combines the flavors of cocoa beans with coffee beans for instance? Tickets can and should be purchased in advance online, following the instructions of the festival’s official website.

The Specialty Coffee Event 2013 (Expo)

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Date: April 11-14, 2013


Take a trip to the charming city of Boston, Massachusetts, where the Specialty Coffee Event 2013 Expo is being held this spring. Although it is principally a trade event, private individuals are welcome to attend, provided they register online. If you are interested, follow the instructions on the official website of the event. Before you lose interest, it may be worth knowing that this expo will be livelier than an endless sequence of PowerPoint presentations and guest talks. Be sure to make it to the opening, as the Expo kicks off straight away with the United States Barista Championship from 9am sharp. The welcome reception in the evening holds the promise of a good treat, as does the First Time Attendee Coffee Reception the morning after. Take your time to wander through the expo hall and check out what the country’s best coffee experts have to offer for 2013.

Coffee Fest Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Date: June 07-09, 2013


If you missed out on the Coffee Fest New York, worry not! Essentially the same event will take place in sunny Chicago in the beginning of Summer 2013. Whereas the New York City exhibition hosted competitions for the finals of the Eastern region, Chicago will be the venue where the finalists of the Central region’s best baristas, coffee houses and espresso makers will match their talents. If you have some spare time, take a trip to the coffeehouse Intelligentsia, which has been awarded the readers’ choice award of 2012 for best locally roasted coffee in Chicago, by Chicago Magazine.

Coffee Fest Seattle

Location: Seattle, Washington

Date: October 04-06, 2013


After New York City and Chicago, the coffee wave ripples through the country to a final halt at rainy Seattle in the middle of the fall season. As you may have spotted from the pattern of the previous two coffee fests, Seattle will indeed be the venue for the Western region finals of the Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship, the DaVinci Gourmet, America’s Best Coffeehouse Competition and the America’s Best Espresso Competition. Amongst the exciting array of competitions, be sure to also visit the booths of some exhibitors to sample a selection of the best offerings from different regions of the country.

Kona Coffee Festival

Location: Kona, Hawaii

Date: 10 days long sometime in the fall (exact date to be announced)


Conclude the year with a 10-days-long festival in the picturesque Hawaii and take part in the Kona Coffee Festival, the oldest food festival of the islands. The Aloha State is generally famous as being one of the only places in the United States where coffee is grown naturally, ever since coffee beans have been brought to the islands by Spanish conquistadors centuries ago. The volcanic soil proved to be an excellent ground for the coffee plant to grow and hence visitors to the Kona Coffee Festival will be privileged to sample real, local coffee. In fact, while sipping Hawaiian coffee, guests will be introduced to various aspects of the local culture, extending this festival well beyond the realm of coffee. Nevertheless, it is magical. Keep a lookout for the announcement of the precise date of this year’s festival on the official website!


With so many events to choose from, we hope that you will be able to make it to at least one of them. Please let us know how it was and share your experiences with your fellow readers in the comment box below. 2013 is an exciting year ahead of us, coffee lovers, so wait no longer to plunge right into it. Enjoy!

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