Burr Grinder Reviews

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Probably the single most important tool for making the best cup of coffee, even more so than the actual coffee maker itself, is a great coffee bean grinder!

Everybody knows that the best coffee is made with freshly ground beans, but freshly ground beans are not alone enough to guarantee a great cup – they have to be ground evenly and to the correct size.

Here is a list of some of the top rated burr grinders available today. Click on each one to read our review of it and check back often as we are regularly updating this list of burr grinder reviews.

Burr Grinder Reviews

High End:




What is wrong with a blade grinder?

You may have seen many cheap “entry level” grinders that use a blade to chop coffee beans until they have been pulverised into anything from fine dust to large “boulders” and you may have been tempted by the price, but when you see what comes out of them compared to a burr grinder you’ll find it no surprise that coffee made with a blade grinder can be so unpredictable.

When you grind beans with a blade grinder it’s a gamble as to what you are going to get. There will be fine dust, there will be large shards and there will be everything in between and when you use this to brew a coffee there will be no consistency in the brew.

The coffee grinds need to be a consistent size so that the water passing over them can extract the flavours evenly to guarantee the best outcome and this is what a burr grinder can give you.

A burr grinder will grind your beans to a specific size meaning that you can get the perfect grind no matter what type of coffee you are making. Whether you need a fine grind for your espresso machine or a coarse grind for your french press, a burr grinder can give it to you.

Some burr grinders can even control the amount of heat that is passed into the beans whilst grinding them. The friction of a blade chopping against the beans can create heat that affects the flavour of the beans before you’ve even used them whereas a burr grinder can control this and minimise the heat transfer.

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