Bodum Brazil Shatterproof 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker Review

Posted on 16. Aug, 2012 by in Product Reviews

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The Good:

  • Shatterproof plastic beaker
  • Based on the classic Bodum Brazil design
  • Mesh holds grinds away from coffee extremely well
  • Dishwasher proof

The Bad:

  • Plastic may become cloudy after extended use and washing
  • Users have reported that the beaker still does crack, perhaps under the shock of the hot water being added after extended use

Bottom Line:

A cheap and clumsy-proof french press which isn’t going to win any awards for its beauty but still does make a great cup of coffee. Comparable in price to the glass equivalent Bodum 8 Cup Brazil french press so no saving to be made by buying plastic.


Bodum Brazil Shatterproof 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

The carafe on the Bodum Brazil Shatterproof french press is made of a heat-resistant and shatterproof SAN plastic which is great for anyone who finds themselves regularly bumping or dropping their glass french presses and breaking them.  There is a three part stainless steel plunger with a nylon mesh which is easy to dismantle and place in the dishwasher.

The mesh contains the coffee very well and virtually no coffee grinds escape into your cup when pouring. The press has a patented safety lid which prevents splashes and spills when plunging.

The beaker is 8 cups (34 oz) in capacity, or 1 litre, although you may not be able to fill it all the way to the top if you want to be able to place the lid on it and actually press your coffee.

Many user reviews point to the excellent tasting coffee that this press makes time after time. Read all of the top rated reviews yourself by clicking this link.


Who Should Buy The Bodum Brazil Shatterproof 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker?

If you find that you are a little clumsy when washing your french press in the sink, or have dropped and smashed one in the pass then the shatterproof model might just be for you. It is made of plastic so it will not quite look as classy as a glass alternative, but it still makes a great cup of coffee.

If however you are not worried about breaking your french press any time soon, then this might not be the one for you. You should consider the glass equivalent Bodum 8 Cup Brazil french press which we have reviewed here. It is a similar price and otherwise very similar.


This is a great entry level french press that will perform well for a number of years producing great tasting coffee, but anyone who is not concerned with breaking their beaker should take a look at the glass version. It is extremely affordable and has many highly rated customer reviews from many happy customers on Amazon, so whether you choose glass or plastic, you will be happy with your purchase.

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